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Customer service training workshop

Customer Service Training That Makes A Difference

We're more than just a customer service training company.  We work with you to help you achieve a measurable, sustainable improvement in service performance.  We take the time to understand your organization, the nature of your customer interactions, and the role that customer service plays in your success.  From there, we customize and deliver focused, effective customer service workshops and programs that will engage and motivate your teams.

Training That is Engaging, Effective and Memorable

Participants in Belding's customer service training programs consistently say it is the best training they have ever had.   That's because we carefully design it so that it is relevant and meaningful, with no dull moments.   Even the fundamentals are approached in new and innovative ways.   Our amazing certified trainers make sure that every customer service workshop is an experience your team won't forget.

Training That Sticks

When you make an investment in training, you want to make sure sticks.  The design and delivery of a program are critical, but creating permanent new customer service habits takes a sustained effort.  That's why our programs include coaching strategies and innovative ongoing support.  We want to ensure the pieces are in place for continuous improvement in your organization.


Customer service training workshop

Outstanding Leaders Make A Powerful Difference

We've all seen it.  A new manager comes in and dramatically impacts the performance of a team - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  It's a poignant reminder of how important outstanding leadership skills are to the success of an organization.  Great leaders make a great difference.

We Help Your Leaders Become Outstanding

Our leadership training shows your leaders the science behind creating an engaged workplace. They learn how to transform their role from traditional command-and-control, to a more productive Ownership, Mastery and Purpose model. They learn how to get the results they need by focusing on the development of their team.

Training That Creates Leaders for Life

We go beyond theory, and show them how to apply the skills they learn in your specific environment. We give them tools that help them continuously improve.  They see the results because we give them leadership metrics to help measure their progress. Most importantly, they learn how to transfer these powerful leadership skills to every aspect of their lives.


Talk Judo for dealing with difficult situations

A Better Way For Preventing and Defusing Conflict

The old adage, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” is true. Communication skills are at the core of every aspect of organizational success.  They are particularly vital when negotiating, dealing with conflict or challenging situations.

Whether it is decreasing customer defections or increasing employee retention, the ability to turn prevent and resolve conflict pays real dividends.  Recent research by The Belding Group has identified that over 70% of "Wow" customer experiences - those moments people share in person or on social media - are created by turning negative situations into positive outcomes.  

Tap Into The Secret of "WOW" Customer Experiences

Talk Judo takes four key principles of Judo and applies them to the way we communicate - with outstanding results . Your team will learn effective strategies for dealing with difficult situations and people, motivating people, influencing, and creating positive outcomes from negative situations. Customized to your organization, Talk Judo is ideal for people in leadership, customer service, sales – anyone who deals with people on a professional level either in person or on the telephone. These are must-have skills that every professional should have in their toolkit.

Training That Makes a Measurable Difference

Whether it is reducing complaint escalations, increasing customer retention, improving sales or improving employee morale, the impact of Talk Judo can be seen in core business metrics.


Belding’s Outstanding
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Industries We Work With

As a customer service training and leadership training company for over 24 years, Belding has worked with a broad spectrum of corporate, retail, service, call center and public sector organizations.    There is a good chance we have even worked in your industry.

Industries in which we have a particular training expertise include:

What Our Customers Say

“You brought my team back from the dead”
Toronto Convention Centre (Canada)

“The Belding Group is a world-class customer service training company that not only met but exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend them to any organization.”
Lifestyle Family Fitness (USA)

“This is the best training we have ever had."
Cable Bahamas (Bahamas)

“I would highly recommend this customer service training."
Maybank (Malaysia)

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