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Customer service training

More Than Just A Customer Service Training Company

Belding helps companies enhance their service culture and create more positive workplaces by developing and delivering customized, World-Class training programs.  We've been doing it for 24 years, and we're very, very good at it.

But to help ensure companies achieve measurable, sustainable improvement in customer satisfaction, we go beyond just the training component.  We take the time to understand your organization, the nature of your customer interactions, and the role that customer service skills play in your success. 

We look at your customer journey map and touchpoints - from face-to-face client interactions to telephone, live chat or social - to determine where training can have the biggest impact.  From there, using the Six Pillars of Customer Service, we create focused, memorable workshops and programs that will engage your teams and delight your customers.

World-Class Training That is Engaging, Effective and Memorable

Our clients consistently say that Belding's training programs are the best they have ever experienced. (See some of our testimonials), and they see immediate improvement in their customer service levels.  That's because we carefully design them so that they are relevant, meaningful for your team, with fundamental and advanced skills presented in new and innovative ways.

We have worked with companies in Canada, the U. S., Asia and Europe.  We understand service expectations in different cultures, and we make sure that every workshop, webinar, e-learning course and coaching program is an experience people won't forget.

Training That Sticks

You want to make sure the customer service attitudes, skills and behaviours from the training stick.  To do this, the methodology has to be solid, and based on sound research

One thing is for sure - creating a permanent new customer-focused culture takes a sustained effort.  That's why our programs include employee coaching strategies, innovative blended-learning and ongoing reinforcement.  We want to ensure the pieces are in place for continuous service improvement that help you stand out with your customers.

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Talk Judo for dealing with difficult situations

A Better Way For Preventing and Defusing Conflict

Does your team deal with difficult customers or difficult situations?  The old adage, “It’s not what you say, but how you say it,” is true. 

Talk Judo is a dynamic, new, interactive training program that teaches your team how to dealing with difficult customers, and transfers skills for dealing with difficult situations.  The workshop includes essential techniques for negotiating, persuading and turning around negative situations. The training increases customer satisfaction and retention, employee engagement and sales. 

Tap Into The Secret of "WOW" Customer Experiences

Recent customer service research by The Belding Group has identified that over 70% of "Wow" customer service experiences - those moments people share in person or on social media - are created by turning negative situations into positive outcomes.   Talk Judo gives your team the skills to do that.

These highly interactive, customized workshops apply the four key principles of Judo to the way we communicate. They are ideal for people in leadership, customer service, sales – anyone who deals with people in person or on the telephone. These are must-have skills that every professional should have in their toolkit.

Training That Makes a Measurable Difference

Whether it is reducing customer complaint escalations, increasing customer retention, improving sales or improving employee morale, the impact of Talk Judo can be seen in core business metrics.


Service leadership training workshop

Outstanding Leaders Make A Powerful Difference

We've all seen it.  A new manager comes in and dramatically impacts the performance of a team - sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  This is particularly true when trying to create a customer service focused culture.  It's a poignant reminder of how important leadership skills are.  Great leaders make a great difference. And Belding's leadership training helps make great leaders. 

We Help Your Leaders Become Outstanding

Our leadership training programs introduce the science behind creating an engaged workplace. Participants learn leadership skills that motivate, stimulate and engage their teams.  The result?  Greater productivity, significantly higher external and internal customer service levels, and more satisfied employees.

Training That Creates Leaders for Life

We go beyond theory, and show your leaders how to apply the leadership skills in your specific environment.  They get leadership tools and metrics that help them continuously improve.  Most importantly, they learn how to transfer these powerful skills to every aspect of their lives.



11 Rules For An Outstanding Customer Service Training Program

See the core elements every workshop should include  

8 More Must-Haves For Customer Service Workshops

Effective training for customer service requires a significantly different approach than training for other skills.  Whether you are developing the program internally for your company, or contracting an outside training firm to build and deliver it, make sure it includes these eight must-haves.

Shaun Belding's Customer Service Blog

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What Our Customers Say

“You brought my team back from the dead”
Toronto Convention Centre (Canada)

“The Belding Group is a world-class training company that not only met but exceeded our expectations. I would highly recommend them to any organization that is looking to enhance their customer experience.”
Lifestyle Family Fitness (USA)

“This is the best customer service training program we have ever had."
Cable Bahamas (Bahamas)

“I would highly recommend this training to all companies."
Maybank (Malaysia)

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Customer Service
Case Studies

Customer Service Statistics
to Guide You in 2016

New research conducted over the last 18 months has reinforced why all organizations need to continue improving their customer experience and customer service skills.

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The Four Myths of Customer Service: Video

4 Customer service myths

There are four common myths that can be detrimental to your efforts to create memorable moments.  They include:

  • "The customer is always right"
  • "Customer service is common sense"
  • "Treat customers the way you would like to be treated"
  • "Always exceed customer expectations"

Watch the video to find out why!

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